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EPISODE-35 earning extra money when times are tough. PART 2

February 7, 2012

Hello everyone,

today's episode is a continuation of last weeks episode on earning extra money when times are tough. there are a whole lot more ideas out there so if you have any let me know buy commenting in the show notes or by e mailing me.

also i would like to share a podcast/ blog i just found out about, it's called the Wisconsin times. its run by Mary Peterson and it's about news and events and anything else uniquely Wisconsin. so stop on by and check it out , here is a link 

And as always i would  like to  hear your comments and suggestions so e mail me at or visit my face book page!/lostskillspodcast or comment  on my web page. also feel free to comment in the show notes. i hope you all like today's show and  thank you for listening