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April 3, 2012

Hi everyone,

Today's episode is all about my thoughts on building a DIY rootcellars and some cheap and easy ways to do it . if you are a gardener or someone that is into preserving food this is something you probably use , and if you don't you probably will need to sometime in the future. most homes nowadays are not built with rootcellars incorporated into them , so this project might be right for you . and to all of you with older houses that have one i am kinda envious. i recorded today's shoe in my car at work so you night notice a difference in the audio quality but i managed to clean it up pretty well i think .

also i am almost done transferring the content to this site to the new one so make sure to go over there and subscribe to my Rss feed .check it out the new site  @  . i don't know whats going on with i tunes but i haven't heard anything from them since march 6 Thand i am still waiting for them to approve the feed for my new site .you can now find the new site on Stitcher radio , and they have a app for smart phones so you can listen to the show any ware you want now . this is set up on the new websites feed so the shows will be up to date soon .

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