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EPISODE-36 My thoughts on doomsday preppers TV show

February 14, 2012

hi everyone ,

happy valentines day !!i hope all of you get to share it with your significant others today. i won't get to i gotta work , but i will make up for it this weekend. also i now have a new site @ , and i am transferring the content to it now so go on over there and subscribe to my rss feed, i dont have i tunes set up yet but i am working on it .when i get the content up to date there i will be not posting here any more .but dont worry i will let you all know on here before i do that . but anyway i was recording today's podcast and i was going to briefly mention my thoughts on a article i read on the doomsday preppers TV show and i just kept going with it ,so no how to topic today, but that's all right you gotta have a change every once and a while .i want to make it clear i haven't watched the show yet i am basing my show off the way it is being portrayed on the Internet ,but i will find it and watch it eventually .but from what i have heard and read there isn't much of a positive light on prepping .  there is a link to one of the article i read and referenced on the show .

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