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March 13, 2012

Hello everyone ,

in todays episode i discuss how to do a full service oil change and lube job on your vehicle, not that crappy 10 min quick lube job that most people get nowadays .this is a easy thing you can do at home to save money. you might not necessarily always save money doing your own oil change but you can control the quality of the products used and that can save you money in the long run by eliminating future maintenance issues that could be prevented .also every thing that needs to be greased will get greased ,which in my personal experience does not happen that often . 

i would also like to hear any ideas you guys might have for episode 50 i kind of want to do something different there so if you have any ideas e-mail me them or leave a comment in the show notes .

i also have subscribed for a new i tunes feed for the new site so it is getting closer to being our new home , when i get it i will post it here .

And as always i would  like to  hear your comments and suggestions so e-mail me at or visit my face book page!/lostskillspodcast or comment  on my web page. also feel free to comment in the show notes. i hope you all like today's show and  thank you all for listening